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Best Games Similar to OMORI

Best Games Similar to OMORI

The games that are similar to OMORI are:

OMORI is a role-playing video game developed by indie studio Omocat. The game was based on the director's OMORI webcomic series, and was released in December 2020. In the story, the player controls a hikikomori boy named Sunny and his dream world alter-ego OMORI.


In Ultrabots, you are the captain of a team of three robots. Every robot has a primary weapon and a secondary weapon, each of which can be upgraded by collecting currency. The goal of the game is to defeat the other team's robot and defend your own robot.

Oxygen Not Included

In Oxygen Not Included you need to try and survive in space. You will be building your own space colony and running it with your colonists. You will need to keep an eye on their mental health and try to keep them happy. You will also need to explore the planet and mine metals.


Portal is a first-person puzzle game based on the idea of opening portals to different locations using a device that can create and destroy portals.

Life is Strange

In Life is Strange you play as Max Caulfield, a photography student who has the power to rewind time.

Infectonator 2

In Infectonator 2 you are a zombie that has to infect as many humans as possible. You can infect them by touching them.


Lifeline is a survival game that is set in the future. Your character, Taylor, is downed in a jungle and you must use the communications device to talk to Taylor. Taylor is a bit stranded and lost. You will be able to provide Taylor with the necessary items to survive. You will also have to make important decisions for Taylor, as well as talk to Taylor and make sure he is keeping his calm. This game is a bit different from OMORI as this game is more of a mystery as you try to figure out what is happening.

11 Feb 2022