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  • Developer: Omocat LLC
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Version: 2022
User Rating: Rating 4.37

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Release Date
December 25, 2020
Omocat LLC
Windows PC, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One


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Avery Parker

OMORI is a psychological RPG game developed by Omocat, who is known for their webcomic series of same name. Software was released in December 2020. Software is a 2020 role-playing video game developed by indie studio Omocat. Based on director's OMORI game (ひきこもり, hikikomori) webcomic series, it was released in December 2020. Prominently featuring concepts such as anxiety and depression, soft has psychological horror elements.


Graphics of app are 2D and stop motion-based, with backgrounds and sprites changing in accordance to player's location. Software features a hand-drawn style and is predominantly black and white. Product graphics have been praised, with many reviewers describing overworld as "colorful and detailed". Characters are praised, with some noting "amazing" character designs. OMORI download graphics are intended to invoke look of a watercolor painting. Program is played from a top-down perspective when exploring overworld, and turns into a 3D perspective when exploring dungeons.

Graphics are both surreal, with OMORI free download dream world being reminiscent of Earthbound and Yume Nikki, more realistic, with the real world being more akin to Persona. Software turn-based battle system includes unconventional status effects based on characters' emotions. Product is presented in a 16-bit style, with all sprites, environments being pixel-based. Program world is colorful, with characters being animated and expressive.


Gameplay OMORI game download is inspired by traditional Japanese role-playing games, with a turn-based battle system. Software features a hand-drawn art style, with a mix of 2D sprites and 3D models. Character models are detailed, with expressive faces and body language. World is vast, varied, with a mix of 2D & 3D graphics. There are multiple locations to explore, from a suburban area to a high-tech facility. Product is played from a top-down perspective.

On overworld, party battles enemies by exploring environment and solving puzzles. Side-quests are available, which reward player with new items and abilities. In battle, party of four characters can perform "follow up" attacks. Product OMORI game free download is played from a top-down perspective. It features side-quests, puzzles, weapons, items which can be obtained as ap progresses, including via purchasing them with soft currency, Clams. Outside of battle, party can heal and save by encountering a picnic blanket, associated with protagonist's older sister. Battles are turn-based, three-pointed emotion system determines effects of status effects.


Software features multiplayer, with one player being able to play as OMORI game download free, other as one of three other party members. Player can switch between other three characters at any time during battle.


Product has multiple possible endings, making it replayable. Player can choose from one of several endings for soft, can choose to replay app in order to see other possible endings. OMORI free is a story-driven game with high replayability. Players can make different decisions to get a different outcome, even if they have already played game once. Software features multiple endings, exploration of dream world is completely independent of playthrough of real world.


  • What is play OMORI about?
    Story follows app, a 15-year-old boy who is a hikikomori and has anxiety and depression. Product is about his struggles with daily life and his inner thoughts. Is a story-heavy RPG from indie developer Omocat following a hikikomori boy named Sunny who decides to face his fears and escape the dream world.
  • What platforms will soft be available on?
    Is currently available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • When will app release?
    Was funded on Kickstarter in 2020 and released in December 2020.


In conclusion, play OMORI free is a refreshing take on traditional Japanese role-playing game, with new features such as its emotion-based battle system. Program was praised by critics, with many comparing it to EarthBound & Yume Nikki.


  • Surreal visual design is exemplary and beautiful
  • Gameplay is fast-paced and combat is interactive
  • Soundtrack is memorable and fits tone of game
  • Deals with hikikomori-related topics in an interesting way


  • Has a lot of bugs and crashes
  • Has a steep difficulty curve and is hard to progress
  • Story is confusing and vague

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